Electric Horizons DJ FAQ

Q: Can we meet you in person before we decide to hire you?
A: Definitely.  You should be 100% comfortable with your DJs.  We will gladly meet you at a location of your choice free of charge.

Q: Do you meet in person to help organize our event?
A: Optional.  We will gladly meet with you in person or we can plan/organize your event over the phone or via email.  We have a wedding planner form available here.  For your Non-Wedding event, our questionnaire is available here.  "Planning is the best prevention."

Q: What type of music do you play?
A: We have a vast selection of almost all varieties of music, including Oldies, Classic Rock, Classic and Contemporary Country, Big Band Era (Frank Sinatra), 70's, 80's, 90's, and current Top 40, R&B, Dance/Techno, Alternative Rock, Christian, even Broadway.  Our experience allows us to tailor the music selection to keep your guests entertained.  We work for you.  You rate your music preferences and we will honor your requests.

Q: We know exactly what we want for our wedding reception.  How accommodating are you?
Q: We have no idea how to organize our wedding reception.  How much will you help?
A: We know there are many decisions to be made during your wedding reception.  We will guide you through the process at no additional charge.  You can choose all the details, some of the details, or allow us to plan and organize your reception for you.  We will make every effort necessary to attain special music requests.  We will honor your music preferences (such as NO chicken dance, etc.).  Our questionnaire is available here.

Q: How interactive are you during our event?
A: We can simply play music to fill your dance floor or we can get your guests involved.

Q: Can we make special announcements or "toasts" using your sound equipment?
A: We bring two high quality wireless microphones (static free) to every event that you are free to use.  We also bring four wired microphones to every event.

Q: Why do you use computerized music selection instead of CD's?
A: We convert all of our CDs to high quality computerized format for several reasons, including:
- We can instantly cue up a song request.
- Less time is spent cuing up music, providing our DJs with more time to make announcements, take requests, etc.
- CDs take up a lot of space.  Our DJ area maintains a neat and uncluttered appearance.
- If our table gets bumped, the music doesn't skip.

Q: I have songs I want played on CD.  Can you play them?
A: We can play music on CDs, tapes, even SD and Compact Flash cards.  We can also play music from your personal MP3 player, iPod, or laptop at no additional charge.

Q: I will have a video presentation.  Can you play the sound through your equipment?
A: Yes.  We can connect our audio equipment to almost all types of video presentation equipment at no additional cost.

Q: Why should we choose you for our event?
- The owners, Kim and Barb, are the DJs.  We own the business, the equipment, and the reputation.  We have never missed an event, but in the case of emergency, we have a backup DJ, Will Cornwell.
- Our experience in planning events will help provide a smooth evening.  Our experience also helps to smoothly overcome unexpected occurrences, such as catering issues, cake melting, etc.
- We provide an exceptional light show.
       - We bring more lights than most mobile DJs.
       - Our lights are computer coordinated (not just on/off).
- We use professional quality Yamaha and Shure sound equipment for reliability and quality sound.
- We bring a backup computer, (2) 60Gb iPods, extra cables, and a backup amplifier to every event.
- At your option, we will provide a webpage of 8 pictures of your event to share with your guests free of charge.
- Our DJ software, OtsAV, performs intelligent, reliable mixing of music.  The next song blends into the previous song smoothly.  Most DJs use time-cued mixing: ex) the next song starts when there is 10 seconds left of the current song, regardless of how the song ends.
- We are knowledgeable in a wide variety of music.  We can play music to satisfy all your guests, young and old.
- 99% of our music is profanity-free (no swearing).  We play music safe for all generations.  (We also carry unedited versions of most popular songs).

Q: a) Do you require a deposit?  b) How much is it?  c) Is it refundable?
A: a) Yes.  Unfortunately, some clients will reserve several DJs for their event(s) and cancel the "extra" DJs at the last minute.  This results in fewer days available for prospective clients.
     b) We will reserve your date for 30 days without a deposit.  We request a $50 deposit to continue to reserve your date.  View our contract here.
     c) The deposit is 100% refundable if cancelled at least 1 month prior to your event.

Q: What forms of payment do you take?
A: We accept personal checks, cash, money orders, and PayPal payments (which enables MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover).

Q: When is payment due?
A: Full payment (minus the deposit) is due the day of the event.

Q: Your prices are cheaper than most DJs.  Do we still get a quality performance?
A: Yes.  We are professional quality.  We keep our prices competitive by the following methods:
- Most of our budget is spent on equipment and music, not on employees, buildings, advertising, etc.
- We design and maintain our own website.
- We do not pay for advertising (we rely mostly on word-of-mouth).
- We treat our equipment with careful respect.  Our equipment is stored in a heated environment.  We have professional protective carry cases for our equipment.  For these reasons, our equipment keeps a clean, new look and requires less replacing.
- We enjoy what we do.  Much of our fees are used to support the business expenses, not for profit.